About JewelNet

JewelNet is a mobile application which is for the progress of the gems and jewellery industry. The app will feature concise industry news, information and will have an updated photo- gallery and video gallery filled with news and interviews of the veterans from the industry.

The key role of the App is to facilitate the communication amongst the registered members, where these members can chat and share their views and opinions. It also has a facility where by members can add any news or information related to the industry.

JewelNet is a unique app, as it offers brief information in English and 8 regional languages like Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, for the larger benefit of the industry. The app doesn’t stop here, it also lets you post your business requirement or any other query related to the industry.


Live Rates

wherein one gets the live rates of precious metals.

Design Desk

Wherein one gets unlimited design sketches of jewellery.

Bulk Deal

This is a section where manufacturers/wholesalers can sell their products to various retailers on the app itself, by just uploading the image along with the description & price of the product.

Deal of the Day

This section is for all jewellers, where they can promote their upcoming products or can mobilize their inventories at discounted rates.

Events Calendar

This section gives a synopsis of all the events happening in India & across the globe of the Jewellery Industry.